Kairos Youth Services

Serving troubled youth in our community for over 40 years

Provided over 5,900 nights of care and guidance to 90 youth this year.

" Thank you for giving me not only a second chance, but a third. Your decision will make a difference in my life."

About Us

Kairos Youth Services is a private non-profit organization that operates three community based youth homes in Great Falls, Montana.  Youth in placement live in a healthy structured environment that provides safety and security.  Youth are offered educational, social, cultural and recreational opportunities.  They receive personal guidance, supervision, individual and family counseling, and referral to appropriate community resources.  Youth exit our programs with improved school performance, fewer legal problems, and the skills necessary to become productive members of our community.

Youth Spotlight

Roxie was placed at Portage Place Therapeutic Youth Home after being discharged from a treatment center in Utah at the age of sixteen. She has been in numerous residential facilities and group homes, never successfully completing treatment. 

When admitted to the home in May 2014, her prognosis for success based on past treatment efforts was marginal. During her stay at Portage she has received the therapy and nurturing necessary to address her emotional disturbances, resulting in obtaining her GED and CNA Certification.  She now works part-time at a local assisted living facility.    

Through her tenacity, perseverance, and willingness to actively engage in therapy, addressing her maladaptive behaviors, she is schedule to be discharged in mid April.  The progress and  achievements she has obtained while in placement, give us every reason to believe that she will be a productive, contributing, and healthy member of society. Good luck in your future endeavors young lady. We are all very proud of you, your growth, and accomplishments.   

A United Way Supported Service